Britain's Asian wedding awards - awarded to ZS Productions who won Photographer of the year for York
Pakistani bride and groom sitting together on stage at their venue in Middlesbrough
Wedding day floral table centrepieces
Asian bride smiling as she shows her bridal mehndi tattoo on her Nikkah day.
Asian bride and groom posing together during a wedding day couple shoot in a Bradford venue.
Traditional Pakistani bridal lehnga dress hung up and ready for the bride to wear.
Pakistani bride holding floral bouquet close to her face as she smiles on her wedding day in Bradfor
Asian bride leans back while holding on to the groom as they both laugh uncontrollably.
Bridesmaids rest their hand on each others hand to make a promise during an Asian wedding in Bradfor
Beautiful bride looks down at her wedding bouquet as she poses for a photo.
Bride and groom holding hands as the groom leans in to kiss the brides forehead in an outdoor couple
Mehndi bride showing her flower garland and henna tattoo.
Asian bride poses in a modern wedding dress on her wedding day.
Pakistani bride and groom look at each other as they smile against a backdrop of greenery.
Wedding day photo of the groom holding the brides hand and displaying her wedding ring and floral wr
Bride in her wedding dress, getting ready for her big day.
Asian bride and groom posing together as the bride rests her head on the grooms chest and smiles.
Mini cheesecake dessert pots with jammie dodger biscuit topping at a Bradford wedding
Traditional Pakistani bride poses in front of the wedding day venue
Asian bride and groom walking hand in hand as they look at each other and smile.
Asian groom arriving at the wedding venue with a fleet of cars. Alongside the cars are wisps of colo
Bridal make up artist adding the final touches to her beautiful Pakistani bride on her wedding day.
Asian bride and groom pose together in a venue's bridal suite as they look at the camera.
Bengali bride shows her Intricate hand henna design during a mehndi ceremony.
Pakistani Groom poses in his Wedding day attire as he puts on his cufflinks.
Asian bride and groom stand together laughing as they hold each others hands, with red flower petals
Close up of bridal henna tattoos and hand jewellery during a wedding held in Dewsbury.
Indian bride wears a modern teal wedding dress as she sits down and puts on her wedding heels.
Asian bride and groom walking together in a park during a wedding day couple shoot.
Wedding day stage in white and gold.
Black and white photo of an Asian bride putting on make up.
Pakistani bride and groom posing together on their wedding day.
Rustic table decor photo taken during a Marquee wedding.
Asian bride has henna applied to her hand during her Mehndi ceremony.
Pakistani bride in traditional wedding attire looks down as she poses for the camera.
White rose boutonniere on the grooms wedding day suit.
Brides classy wedding dress hung up and ready to be worn.
Asian wedding couple stand in front of the stage with their backs towards the camera.
Wedding day details showing Bleu de Chanel perfume bottle.
The groom puts the brides wedding ring on her finger during their wedding ceremony.
Indian bride getting her make up done ahead of her big day in Bradford.
Wedding day venue decor details showing white lilies in the foreground.
Pakistani bride putting on her bridal bangles and jewellery with the help of her mum.
Asian groom greets the bride's family as he enters their home for the first time.
Dessert pots topped with pink doughnuts at the desserts table of a Bradford wedding.
Indian bride having her wedding kangna tied to her wrist by her best friend.
Asian bride dressed in traditional red wedding attire smiles as she poses next to her wedding day li
Ferrero Rocher chocolate bouquet gifted to the bride at a Leeds Wedding.
The groom holds the brides henna tattoed hand while displaying her gold wedding rings and bangles.
Imam and guests praying duah during a Nikkah in Bradford.
Wedding cake covered in black icing and gold details.
Church wedding view from balcony
Bride posing in front of the window in this silhouette photo.


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