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6 Types of Asian Wedding Photography Styles

Every wedding needs a wedding album. It is like a special book or video that captures the most important day of your life. In Asian wedding photography, there are different styles. These are just ways of taking pictures at weddings. It is important to understand these styles so you can choose the one that is best for your wedding album.


Traditional wedding photography is a classic approach that has stood the test of time. It captures essential moments. These are the first kiss and cake cutting. It will also have group shots of the couple and their families. These images are often posed. They are carefully composed to create timeless memories.

Asian wedding photographer often incorporates traditional shots into their wedding albums. This is to provide a cohesive and nostalgic feel. This style may lack the spontaneity of other approaches. But it has a structured nature. The important moments are beautifully preserved for generations to come. Traditional wedding photography remains a beloved choice for couples who want elegant and formal documentation of their wedding.


This is different from the usual posed pictures. It is all about being real and spontaneous. Instead of setting up poses, this style focuses on catching genuine moments as they happen naturally on the wedding day. The photographer doesn't interrupt. They quietly watch and take photos of the emotions, interactions, and expressions.

The goal of documentary-style photography is to capture candid shots that show the true feeling and vibe of the event. The photographer picks backgrounds and angles carefully. He makes each photo look good while still being real. Whether it's a hug or a laugh, every moment is captured with care, telling the story of the couple's love and celebration.

With this style, couples can look back and feel the same emotions from their big day. It is not just about pretty pictures. It is about keeping memories that make you feel something real.


This Asian wedding photography style is all about taking pictures of special moments. These are photos taken when the bride is feeling happy. Or when the couple takes their first photo together as husband and wife. These pictures are perfect for putting in frames and keeping in wedding albums. They are the moments couples want to remember forever, like when the bride puts on her wedding dress. These shots need extra attention from the photographer so that they look great.

Fine art

This is a style that many photographers enjoy. They like to play around with things. They will make changes in light. It is about different ways of taking pictures. It is about playing with colors, and how the photos are framed.

It is like they're painting a picture with their camera. With this style, photographers can show off their unique way of taking pictures. They often use things from the wedding. They will use the rings, flowers, and dresses, to make the photos look creative and special. It's a way for the photographer to leave their mark and make the wedding photos stand out.


It blends with other styles to capture specific moments using only natural light. These photos are often taken early in the morning or late in the evening. This is to avoid harsh shadows. This Asian Wedding Photography style is especially popular for outdoor weddings. It appeals to couples who prefer simple and authentic wedding albums.


On the other hand, dramatic wedding photography relies heavily on lighting and props to create impactful images. Photographers use their lighting techniques to capture shots that leave a lasting impression. Incorporating a few dramatic shots into your wedding album can make it truly unique. However, it requires a great deal of skill and creativity to capture genuine emotions. At the same time, the photos must look visually stunning.

Selecting The Right Photographer for Your Asian Wedding

The photographer must understand and respect the traditions and customs of Asian weddings. They should know about the special ceremonies and clothes. They must know how things usually happen at Asian weddings. Find a photographer who has worked at these weddings before.

  • Ask the photographer if they know how to take pictures of the special moments and ceremonies at Asian weddings.

  • Choose a photographer who listens to you and can talk to you well. They should be open to your ideas about including cultural stuff in the photos.

  • Check if the photographer can handle changes or delays during the wedding day. Asian weddings can be busy and unexpected things can happen.

  • Talk about any concerns you have about privacy, especially during special ceremonies or in certain places.

  • If you can, pick a photographer who knows the wedding venue or has worked at similar places. They'll know the best spots for pictures and how to make them look great.

Ask if the photographer has worked with other people involved in Asian weddings, like videographers or planners. Working together well can make the wedding day go smoothly.

First, take into account your budget. Then find a cheap wedding videographer who can click the right pictures at your wedding.

For your Asian wedding photography, choose us, ZS Productions. We understand and respect Asian traditions. We will see to it that your special moments look amazing. We have done lots of Asian weddings before. So we know all about the ceremonies and clothes. We will take stunning photos.

We will listen to what you want and include any cultural things you like. If things change during your wedding, no problem—we'll go with the flow. We will work well with everyone else involved in your wedding to make everything run smoothly. Trust us to make your Asian wedding photos perfect.


If you are planning to marry in the Asian way then choose the right photography style. You can discuss the details with your Asian wedding photographer. The experts of ZS Productions can provide the right assistance related to your search.

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